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NextBag waste management system was created out of simple necessity. As we have all experienced walking to the trash can with your hands full of garbage, reaching out to throw the trash away only to find there is not a bag in the trash can.

Whether you or someone else forgot to put a new bag in the trash can, you just didn’t have time to put a new liner in the can, or the siblings are battling over who should put in a new bag.  For whatever reason, the simple task of putting a new trash bag in  the empty trash can is an everyday inconvenience in many households.

In developing the NextBag trash bag system. Our first step was to take the time and individually place each bag in the trash can until it was lined with multiple bags. Our speculation was that when the full trash bag was taken out, the bags underneath would want to come out with it. Much to our surprise this did not happen. This is the day NextBag was born!

The day to day task of waste management has never been easier. From start to finish, NextBag has streamlined the task of taking out the trash. NextBag trash bags ensure there is always a trash bag in place, eliminating many of the frustrations associated with taking out the trash.

NextBag trash bags are pre-packaged and ready to use with no added parts required! NextBag’s extremely user friendly design enables consumers to insert seven bags in the same manner they would insert one bag, continue to use bags as normal removing one bag at a time. For those heavier than usual loads double bagging has never been easier, simply remove two bags at once.

Each roll of seven bags is secured to the trash can by a removable adhesive tab. Which ensures all seven bags stay in place and each bag tears away freely from the next bag. Our patent pending design can be applied to many different sizes and material of bags, making NextBag an excellent product for residential and commercial use.

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